Leela Samson: "I'm Catholic by habit" !!!

Leela Samson's mother is Roman Catholic (from Asansol, and "looks" Anglo-Indian), and her father is Jewish (Bene Israeli from Maharashtra). (Link 1 , Link 2 )

Leela Samson claims to be Jewish, to deflect criticism that her anti-Hinduness stems from her Christian roots.

1) In that case, our (Hindus') counter-argument should be that Jewish-ness is matrilineal i.e. be it in India or Israel, an Orthodox or Conservative rabbi would not consider her Jewish since her mother is not Jewish. According to Judaism's law of matrilineal descent, Jewish identity is passed on via the mother only (not the father). The Talmud (Kiddushin 68b) explains that the law of matrilineal descent derived from the Torah (Deut. 7:3-4).

2) Only Orthodox Judaism is officially recognized in Israel *

Leela Samson says in this interview: "I'm Jewish by name. I'm Catholic by habit. I'm Hindu by practice." ( This is quite similar to Nehru's mixed cultural view of his identity . He totally disclaimed his Hindu identity and declared he was 'English by Education, a Muslim by culture and a Hindu by accident of Birth'. He also admitted once "I am the last Englishman to rule in India".)

So, ergo... if she is not Jewish, she must be Roman Catholic.... unless she produces a certificate of conversion of Hindu Dharma (which is officially issued by Hindu socio-spiritual institutions).

Breaking India's reference to Samson's "Judeo-Christian background" aptly described her the best ... and probably describes why she hates Murtis and Murti-Puja and Hindu symbols and seeks to disengage the eponymous Bharata Muni's gifts of Bharatanatyam and Natya Shastra, which were conceived upon the instructions of Bhagavan Nataraja (Shiva) Himself and inspired by His Tandava Nritya. (See: Link 1)

*Note: Only in the US at the end of the 20th century , the Reform Jewish movements, partly motivated by the rise in intermarriage and the number of children with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother, decided the law of matrilineal descent needed to be reevaluated. But this is not accepted by Rabbis in India or Israel, the two countries where Leela Samson has lived in.