Dancer responds - fails to connect the dots!

Thank you for your email. I have read Mr. Malhotra's book (I was also there at his talk and subsequent discussion last Sunday), and was aware of the attacks against Leela Samson nearly 4 years ago. Deivamuthu Nadar was responsible for these 'attacks' and the dance community of India strongly supported Leela Samson and discredited Nadar's accusations as scurrilous religion-based comments. I am not from Kalakshetra nor is Leela a particularly close friend of mine. But I am a dancer, from Chennai, and to me, the Kalakshetra is a 'shrine' to art built by Rukmini Devi and we are happy to bring to Houston the dancers that she had helped train, and who still carry aloft the torch of Bharatanatyam.

Here is an email sent to one of the Arsha Vidya Satsanga members from a respected member of the local community -

"Dear xxxxxxxxx,

Please cancel my order for Breaking India books.
One would assume that all info in that book were based on verified facts.

However, when I did some research regarding the Leela Samson 'scandal', I find that the scandal was started by a Deivamuthu Nadar based on some internal 'politics' and innuendos within Kalakshetra at the time.

It was about 2007 and later considered by many to be a dead issue or a non issue, not based on facts.

According to eyewitnesses and associates/ graduates of Kalakshetra, the allegations are not based on truth.

Unfortunately the book Breaking India seems to have resurrected the scandal.

It is a heavy book with disturbing writings. I'd rather spend time studying Vedanta and Medicine updates !"

I have not mentioned any names because of not wanting to offend anyone.

Artistic Director, XXXX